Connected Car, Internet of Things

Connected, IoT (Connected Car, Internet of Things)

It is also referenced to Connected Car which means a vehicle connected to various devices as Internet and mobile devices.

Core functionality of Connected Car, IoT.
Voice recognition
It controls the vehicle by controlling the navigation and speed by voice, and acquires various information such as news, weather, and real-time traffic information.
HUD and Smartphone inter-operation
We provide the Infotainment system for car by linking HUD system and smartphone. Vehicles perform input / output function of the smartphone since various information of smartphone can be confirmed through HUD system,
Information sharing
Driving information collected through each vehicle such as road conditions and speed of travel can be shared with other operators in real time, enabling smart driving and handling of situations.

With LTE CM and Car DVR, video images of vehicle impacted or live view can be seen and controled by smartphone. Espacially, Anywhere you are in foreign country, video images and information of vehicle which is parked at home can be seen with fast and seamless images by smartphone through mobile appliance set up global server.