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Mobile Appliance's Car DVR solution is currently being supplied to leading domestic and international manufacturers, and is leading the market with continuous research and development.

Advanced Technology Development
  • Displaying vehicle information and operating information linked to smartphone.
  • Extend ADAS information storage and related functions.
  • Device control with motion sensor.
  • Record all autonomous driving data.
Smart Car DVR
  • 01

    Smart Car DVR

    Development of smart Car DVR based on IoT service for automobile objects.

  • 02

    Smart Car DVR

    Provides IoT services using the ‘LoRa’ network, an SK Telecom’s dedicated IoT network.

  • 03

    Smart Car DVR

    SMS notification of an accident while driving, SMS transmission to the driver in case of a car accident while parked or while making a stop.

  • 04

    Smart Car DVR

    Development of a variety of additional functions such as smartphone APP and a parking location search.

Achieved the world's first ultra-low-power parking mode with Radar.
  • It reduces battery consumption by 95% compared to existing products.
    It solves over discharge problems by minimizing battery consumption.
  • Rapid front and rear radar detection with a quick boot.