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Mobile Appliance is constantly researching and developing products and solutions related to smart cars and autonomous vehicles, and is growing to become a world-class automotive Infotainment solution company.

Mobile Appliance is
growing to become a world-class automotive Infotainment solution company.

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Mobile Appliance is one of the leading providers of Car Safety and Infotainment solutions.

Mobile Appliance was established in 2004, and engaged the market with its Portable Navigation Devices(PND). 2004 was the first year that the PND market grew in popularity and Mobile Appliance established itself as an ODM with its first product, PONTUS EZ(HNV-100V). Afterwards Mobile Appliance was selected to ODM for Germany's BOSCH/Blaupunkt and Siemens VDO. Mobile Appliance was Korea's first Navigation supplier to reach $30Million in export revenue in 2006. Even during the global financial crisis, Mobile Appliance managed to hit a major milestone of selling over 1Million units in October of 2008 and was named a vanguard of exports in the Navigation industry. Our products cover the full range of navigation products and have expanded our product lines to include automotive dash cams and ADAS products to our industry leading domestic and foreign partners.

Mobile Appliance believes in its technological leadership and dedication to quality.

Mobile Appliance was the first to develop several applied technologies in its field, including 3 Worldwide and 6 in Korea. We are committed to developing innovative technologies especially by ensuring the design and production quality of our products. Quality Management is our priority and it is our goal to provide best in class products to our customers and partners.

Mobile Appliance is a young company with passion.

Spurred by our motto "Speed and Accuracy" our employees are devoted and passionate about developing the best solutions in the Car Safety and infortainment business. Mobile Appliance established its local office in Germany to target and penetrate the European and International markets.

Through our dedication to our clients and passion in what we do, Mobile Appliance hopes to become a leader in the global market.