Mobile Applinace


Strategy 01
Expanding product and customer portfolio
as a leading company in smart & autonomous driving.
  • 1
    Expanding product portfolio
  • 2
    Expansion of P/DIO and before market
  • 3
    Expansion of global customers
Expanding product portfolio
Expansion of P/DIO and before market
04 Companies
2016 Global Customers
06 Companies
2018 Global Customers
10 Companies
2020~2024 Global Customers
Expansion of global customers
Strategy 02
Expansion to beforemarket automobile business
with quality recognized in global PIO business.

Mobile Appliance is developing the next generation technology to achieve the technology differentiation through commercially available products. We also supply Car DVR, Navigation, HUD, ADAS, and PIO products to globally recognized companies such and through PDIO parts quality know-how, we are trying to supply beforemarket products to the world’s car manufacturers.

After Market



BMW, MINI, AUDI, Hyundai Mobis

Before Market

Participate in the Beforemarket
industry of the global automobile companies.

Strategy 03
Create new markets with next-generation, new concept products


Lead an effort of standardizing the next generation of PIO and genuine display.

We supply the PIO product to Global OEM by implementing the radar-equipped ultra-low-power parking mode, and succeeded in commercializing the IoT Car DVR for vehicle by applying SKT LoRa service, an SK Telecom’s dedicated IoT network. We are leading the standardization of PIO & Genuine Car DVR through development know-how of commercial products and PIO products, and are expanding new markets with products that are superior in technology.


Next generation HUD development

We are developing a next-generation HUD that displays various information for safe driving to the driver by expanding smartphone information inter-operation, vehicle information display, and ADAS function. We make that happen with the development of next generation HUD as the awareness of the safe driving increases, and applying AM-TOLED that can support color graphics and video. In addition, the device is controlled by motion sensor, LCD angle is automatically adjusted according to the driver's vision, and artificial intelligence equipped with voice recognition technology is being developed.


Supply DAS products to global automobile manufacturers.

We have defeated a global leader in ADAS industry in a competition and are delivering the ADAS products to Global automotive manufacturers. Distance information, Lane departure, and collision warnning alarm technology have been secured to the level of the genuine level. We are investing R&D and developing technology for ADAS next generation technology such as high beam warning, drowsiness prevention, and traffic sign recognition etc. Our ADAS is investing boldly in differentiated technologies based on Deep Learning algorithm.


Develop voice recognition and connected smart car solutions

We develop artificial intelligent speech recognition devices for mobile communication companies and automobiles, and are developing IoT smart car solutions.