About Us

Mobile Appliance CI


It symbolizes the image of Mobile Appliance Co. Ltd, a symbol
that is graphically depicted by an image of a pixel with three rectangles intending to show the image of Mobile Appliance, to show it will never stop in researching.

The rectangle logo

The rectangle logo reflects the image of a company reaching out to the world by expressing the world map figuratively and also expresses a young, strong company that is enthusiastic, creative and challenging.

Mobile Appliance CI

Logo Type

The logo type is designed in consideration of harmony and coherence to the Mobile Appliance symbol and is to be used as a complementary element to the symbol than to be used independently.


Color System

It is intended to consistently apply not only to the symbol and logo, but also to be used for graphics, signage and printed materials in forming the image of Mobile Appliance.

Main Color

  • C : 0% M : 90% Y : 100% K : 40%
  • RGB 158, 40 ,14
  • #9e280e

Auxiliary Color

  • C : 0% M : 0% Y : 0% K : 90%
  • RGB 65, 65 ,66
  • #414042

Main Color

  • C : 81% M : 44% Y : 0% K : 0%
  • RGB 24, 128 ,207
  • #1880cf