Advanced Driver Assistance System

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

We support safe driving of the driver through various visual factors and comparing the rate of change, and sensors of the vehicle.

Advanced Driver Assistance System
Basic ADAS function
  • Distance Information

    It provides the driver with information of the front and rear cars, and also provides alarms in order to prepare for various sudden unexpected incidents.

  • Lane departure

    It detects a lane change alarm and lanes to change, to see if the vehicle is operating within the lane properly and provides an alarm if it departures from it.

  • Collision Warning

    It provides a warning to the driver to prevent a collision if the vehicle is likely to collide with the vehicle ahead by calculating the distance and speed of the vehicle ahead.

Updated ADAS function
01.High beam control, 02.Drowsiness Alert, 03.Traffic sign recognition
01High beam control
When driving at night, it detects objects such as vehicles and obstacles ahead to adjust the intensity and direction of the headlights to suit the situation.
02Drowsiness Alert
It sounds an alarm if its lane is changed or an abnormal driving is detected. It can provide more precise alarms by analyzing the driving patterns of a driver.
03Traffic sign recognition
It recognizes speed limits and other traffic signs to provide information to the driver. It can also provide various functions in conjunction with navigation, traveling devices, and so on.

This ADAS function evolves to active automotive control functions from the simple alarm function and further
extends to the deep learning algorithm.